Jeux gratuits HTML5

Les jeux HTML5 vous permettent de jouer sur tablette tactile, smartphone ou ordinateur. Pas besoin de télécharger une application sur mobile ou un plugin sur ordinateur comme Flash ou Unity par exemple. Votre navigateur Internet doit uniquement être compatible avec le HTML5. Si ce n'est pas le cas, vous devez simplement le mettre à jour et c'est tout.

Divertissez-vous avec 1 333 jeux HTML5

Zombie Shooter-Shooting Game

Winning a surviving battle in an after apocalyptic situation is a skill and let's use that skill to kill the

Bouncy Dunk

Get ready, shoot, score and WIN: Bouncy Dunk will make your excitement grow! Test your skills by winning all the

Destroy Boxes

Shoot on the moving blocks, destroy everything! Don't miss a single one! Put your record in this addictive arcade!

Hungry Rabbit

Hungry Rabbit Arcade is an online arcade game full of fun and action. In our arcade games, hungry rabbits try to jump

Steveminer Home

Are you ready for Miner Steve's adventure full of dangers? Help him survive and get him home! Steven needs to

BlueGuy Escape

blue guy escape is an adventure html5 retro game, run collect score by eating many fruits and avoid obstacles by

Muscle Run io

Collect your own color dumbbell and Build up your body !!


Go straight to the portal. Beware of the black hole!

Swimming Pool Romance

Lucas is looking for a girl, obviously, at the swimming pool. And he find one, Natasha. She's so cute, he

Dead Zone

dead zone is a html5 action platformer game, kill the enemy soldier and zombie on the stage, collect coin to earn


jump and grab the pink diamond, watch out for the crashing platforms beneath your feet

Gentlemans Quest

Gentleman's Quest is a 2D Platform game where you need to reach your office while collecting energy drinks. You

The Dungeon Labyrinth

Dead Ends, Enemies, Gems, Bombs, EasterEggs and much more... only on The Dungeon Labyrinth

Among Akero Bots

Among Akero Bots is a 2D Sci-fi themed platformer where you play as Akero Bot who have to collect red magical gems

Boxing Quiz


Cursed Treasure

This is a HTML5 version of the classic tower defense game, now with mobile devices support. Protect your gems from

Monster Go

Les Pokémonstres ne sont heureux qu'à deux ! Reliez-les à de l'énergie pour les activer. Amusez-vous

DD Pixel Slide

DD Pixel Slide is a new Hyper Casual Puzzle game and it is one of the unique and special games that we have just

Stoke Boxes

Control the bridge by stacking one box on top of another without leaving too much on the edge or falling over.

Stretch the Cat

Complete each levels in longest form possible. Cat’s body part will be collected to unlock next level. Reach an exit

2048 Number Ball

The Eatable Numbers Ball Game is a fun way to get your child involved and active while they're playing outside.

Let's do it Santa

You’re Santa and is the night of 24th December, you need to deliver as many gifts as possible! The game is really

Maximum Streets - Drag Race

Are you fast enough for the streets? Prove it by beating every skilled racers in this ultimate drag race. Drag race

Vegetables for Aliens

In a contaminated area, vegetables and tubers other than natural ones were born. They are radioactive, harmful to


easy game, help the ball reach the goal

Chiellini Pool Soccer

Try now "Chiellini Pool Soccer" and you can play the new game of Pool billiard soccer themed. Test the

Jelly Battle

Welcome to the most beautiful pet jelly puzzle game - Jelly Battle! In our jelly world, you have a jelly pet that

Sport Car Hexagon

Are you ready to win in the sport car hexagon game? If you want to be a winner, you must be the last person to fall off

Feed the Ape

Get the Num Num to the ape by cutting the rope! You think it's that easy? Well we didn't make it easy for

Greedy Freedy

We are in the classic pastimes, the difficulty and rhythm of this classic Arcade will glue you to the screen. Take as

Space Route

Space Route is a game in which you will have to control a spaceship and dodge meteorites to get to your home planet,

Top Sniper

A group of mercenaries seized the territory of the plant. Your task is to destroy as many militants as possible, and a

Aneye Bot

Aneye Bot is a 2D Sci-Fi themed platformer where you play as a Robot with an eye and your mission is to collect all of

Mini Huggy - 2 Players

Everyone's favorite huggy wuggy and his girlfriend went on an adventure. They are passing through a scary forest.

Monsters Attack Shooter

Pick the weapons and fight against huge the monsters.

Moto Maniac 3

This is a tilty bike game that will challenge your trial skills to the max. The trial competition is set up in the


Deko is a 2D platformer where you have to collect the ice cream while avoiding the enemies, spikes and saws and reach

Icy Purple Head 2

Icy slides , Purple sticks. Touch anywhere to become icy, try to reach the postage box to finish the level and void

Steve and Alex Ender World

Welcome to the adventure of alex and steven. You must be very careful. There are obstacles everywhere, there are

Tribe Escape

tribe escape is a arcade pixel game, run and avoid the enemy on stage, collect fruits to earn score

Block Magic Puzzle

Block Magic Puzzle is similar to the classic Tetris game, but differs in the mechanics of building blocks, which makes

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