Play With Santa Claus

Play With Santa Claus

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Publié le 13 Mars 2023 - Joué 61 fois.

Play With "Santa Claus" It's a cool action game, very easy and intuitive to play, fun for the entire family! it will be hard to stop playing.

Hit with your finger the balloons on the screen, came on don’t let them vanish away! and help Santa Claus to popping this Christmas balloons enjoy and popping balloons the more you can! feel and share the holiday spirit with this cool Christmas Game! C'mon...let's play!

Product feature bullets:
• 1 Christmas and Winter Background.
• Many Holiday Inspired Songs.
• 4 Holiday Themed Sounds.
• Very Cool Graphics effects.
• Merry Fun for All Ages.
• 3 Different Gameplay Modality.
• 1 Bonus game inside.

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